Active Recovery

Active Recovery

4 Episodes

Keep the body moving through these active recovery workouts to help muscles rebuild and circulate blood flow.

Day 1: Sunrise Yoga (Shelby); 17:32
Day 2: Yoga Neck Head Shoulder (Brittany); 9:05
Day 3: Sunrise Stretch (Madison); 5:01
Day 4: Mobility Warm Up (Ariel); 11:49

Active Recovery
  • Sunrise Yoga

    Episode 1

    Instructor: Shelby
    Level: Beginner
    Equipment: Mat

    Wake up with the rising of the sun during this Yoga Flow. Through the connection of movement with breath this class will help improve balance, build strength and increase your flexibility.

  • Yoga Neck Head Shoulder

    Episode 2

    Instructor: Brittany
    Level: Beginner
    Equipment: Yoga Mat, & Yoga Blocks

    Flowing sequence of yoga poses linked together by an emphasis on breathing technique.

  • Sunrise Stretch

    Episode 3

    Instructor: Madison
    Level: Beginner
    Equipment: Mat

    Rise and shine for your new morning ritual. This quick, energizing yoga sequence will get your blood flowing and stretch you out from head to toe to prepare you for your day.

  • Mobility Warm Up

    Episode 4

    Instructor: Ariel
    Level: Beginner
    Equipment: Mat

    A total-body stretch class that’s great for relaxing, stretching, and lengthening tight muscles. Stretching is important for people of all ages. Benefits of stretching include increased range of motion, reduced muscle tension, enhanced muscular ...