Cardboard Creations

Cardboard Creations

The educators at the Children’s Museum Houston are always looking for fun ways to reuse and repurpose our cardboard boxes and tubes. Try some of these fun activities with us!

Cardboard Creations
  • Build a Movie Projector

    Children's Museum Houston educator David shows you how to engineer a portable projector to watch a movie on the big screen anywhere!

  • DIY Mechanical Toy

    What are mechanics? Andrea shows you how to create a go-cart using recycled materials. Let's ride!

  • Need an Extra Hand?

  • Lets Take a Ride - Rubber Band Car

    Mr. O is sick and tired of traffic. He’d much rather have fun making toy cars! Join a fun exploration into elasticity and transformation of energy as you learn how to build a rubber band car!

  • Cardboard Automata

    Time to put those Amazon boxes to good use! In this "O WOW Moment," Mr. O shows you how to bring the Children's Museum Houston's "Invention Convention" exhibit home. Engineer your own toy using cardboard shipping boxes, skewers and hot glue!

  • It All Comes Back - Cardboard Boomerang

    G’Day Mates! In this O Wow Moment with Mr. O from the Children’s Museum of Houston, we take a look at the incredibly fun boomerang! In addition to learning to build and throw the boomerang, we’ll take a crash course in the physics behind the boomerang’s flight and why it comes back to you.

  • Spray Bottle Painting

    Resist painting is something everyone can do! Join Children's Museum Houston educator Briz as she shows how easy this art technique is by using spray bottles and watercolors.

  • Rain Stick

    Children's Museum Houston educator Gracie explores music and sound with a rain stick using simple materials you can find at home.

  • Jacobs Ladder

    Jacob tackles the Jacob's Ladder! But what is it? Jacob's Ladder is a folk toy made up of blocks and held together by strings or ribbons. When the ladder is held on one end, the blocks look like they fall down the strings. Follow along as Children's Museum Houston educator, Jacob explains how thi...

  • Seed Starter

    Start your garden by building a paper roll planter! Children's Museum Houston educator John shows you how.

  • DIY Spectroscope

    See rainbows everywhere! Children's Museum Houston educator Briz shows you how to make a device used to measure light.